Carbon Footprint

Reducing your Carbon Footprint by reducing your Electricity and Gas Usage is one of the easiest ways to make a difference. Not only can some simple changes help the environment, they can save you money too!. Here are a few hints:

Turn  off your Gadgets and Appliances

Fully powering off your devices is not only good for your device but saves you money on recharging. Make sure you turn your mobile phone charges off when not in use. Many appliances sit on standby and continue to draw electricity, such as dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and TVs. Turning them fully off can make a big impact on your power bills.

Use a Laptop rather than a Desktop Computer

Laptops, unlike desktop computers, are designed to be energy-efficient, because battery life is a major factor to laptop design. According to Energy Star, a laptop can be up to 80% more energy-efficient than a desktop. Energy-efficient LCD screens, hard drives, CPUs and adaptors all factor into making makes laptops much better tools for the planet.


Turn your lights of when not in use. Consider using sensor devices that turn lights on when movement is detected and will turn them off automatically when there is none.

Consider changing to more efficient lighting, like LEDs. They not only save you money on your electricity bill, up to 80% on your lighting costs, but also save you on the cost of replacing standard halogens or incandescent light bulbs due to their long life.

SavinGreen-LED-8WMR16Solar Panels

Solar Panels generate energy directly from the sun and are a renewable source of energy. The use of Solar Panels can significantly reduce your external power requirements. Excess power generated can be fed back into the grid and you can receive a "feed in" tariff to reduce your bills even further.

Solar Battery back up systems can now increase the benefits of solar even more.


All of our Energy Retail Partners offer GreenPowerOptions. For a few cents more you can choose to have some or all of your energy usage sourced from government accredited renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind Farms, Hydroelectricity, Biomass and Biogas, and Landfill gas. Go to GreenPower to find our more about the National GreenPower Program.

Use SavinGreen's Energy Brokerage Service

When you choose to use any SavinGreen service we Plant a Tree no cost to you. Trees provide shade and oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide. According to the Urban Forestry Network, a single young tree absorbs 13 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. That amount will climb up to 48 pounds annually as trees mature. Just one 10-year-old tree releases enough oxygen into the air to support two human beings. So simply by using SavinGreen Energy, SavinGreen Telco, SavinGreen Business Support or SavinGreen Moving Services, you are making a positive impact!

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